IVF Is a Great Invention? I Think So!

Baby reproduction is a very natural process from the very past and the starting of this world. So childbirth process should be considered as the oldest natural process in this earth. I am a gynecologist in USA. I work in a hospital regularly. I love to work here. This hospital is aside the lake. And I see the shore from my room every day. When I am free or I am in my lunchtime, I enjoy being here too much. I enjoy working and watching babies and the happiness of a mother during their pregnancy. Every mother loves her child unconditionally. They bonding of a child starts from the womb of mother. The mother can understand and feel every bit of the child’s heart. Anyway, I was a fresh graduate when I joined in this hospital. I was still unmarried when I came here. I loved working here because all of the seniors and other doctors were very much friendly. I used to watch the patients with the senior doctors after joining.

One day while I was walking through the passages of the hospital, I heard a noise inside a room. I completed my duty that night and I was returning to my home. I was stopped in front of the room where the sound was coming from. I was confused and astonished too. I had nothing in my mind. It was late night that is why there were people in less number.

It’s sometimes better to use a center that physicians own.. RSMC is physician owned and operated which means they will give you a better price and higher success rate.

I did not become afraid and I went to open the gate of that room. that room was locked as per I knew daily. I opened that gate and saw nothing. But when was returning to the gate to be outside of that room, someone grabbed me tight and he took me inside and locked the door. I was stunned to say a word even. It was complete darkness and I saw nothing but realized it was a man. He blinded me and locked my mouth with a napkin. He pushed an injection into me. And soon I was fainted. I could not remember anything from that night. I gained my sense and sensed that something very bad happened to me. That man raped me so hard that I was bleeding. I watched the room was locked from outside. I was in so much pain. I lost my baby because of that rape. Then I started focusing on In Vitro Fertilization and after some day, I took that for me.

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Surrogacy is the blessed way to become a mother

I am a 23-year-old young graduate from a renowned university of this country. I loved to study here. I studied here for 4 years but I have been living here for 6 years. I came here to study here. I am from the third world country. I am not the green card holder of this country. However, truly I loved to be here most. I loved every bit of life here. Now I am bound to go back because of many reasons. At first, I wanted to be established here my family is little conservative and they do not want me to stay here for long. But the main reason is something else.

I want to serve my country too like everyone else. I loved to be here but I have to establish some thing in my country to make that part modern. In recent surveys, the girl embryo killing is very common there. I want to stop that any way. Another problem is that, some girls and women are not able of reproduction but they are continuously being scolded for that which is very pathetic. I want to establish a fact that people will not be able to scold girls for not having baby or not being pregnant. Physician Surrogacy says that this is a normal thing. People can be pregnant through test tube if the problem is with pregnancy but if it is with the pregnancy and the womb factor then it is impossible to carry a baby inside the body. So people can have surrogated in exchange of anything precious if they want babies desperately in their life. If this is well established in that country, some problems will be solved in no time. This problem is all about the mentality of third world country.

Nevertheless, I think in some areas, people are more fertile than the other areas and people should have a healthy and planned life for babies as per the Fertile Clinic. Some people who are infertile they have to take help from other like they need to have sperm or egg from others only of they are infertile but if there is no problem in producing eggs or sperms then they can have a match and place the embryo in other womb and wait for the reaction and the baby obviously. The babies are the basic instinct for some people and people need to believe that pregnancy is not that tough and people need to change the mentality.

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